guide to separation and divorce

A Guide to Legal Separation for Divorce

Legal separation is one very concrete step towards ending a marriage. While there is another form of separation that a husband and wife go through to give each other time and space to make decisions, legal separation takes place when husband and wife have already decided to part ways and live apart before a divorce is finalized. Separation is made legal to protect oneself regarding financial matters, child support, taxes and any other debts that […]

dealing with divorce and children

3 Short Tips For Dealing With Divorce (With Children)

Dealing with divorce is never easy or simple. There are very few divorces where partners part amicably and remain good friends later on. In most cases, partners fight like anything and are hostile to each other for the rest of their lives and never forgive each other for the pain and misery of the divorce People have different ways of dealing with divorce. While some throw themselves in work to lessen the pain and misery […]

legal divorce laws

An Overview Of Divorce Laws in the US

Each county and state has its own set of laws when it comes to divorce. The main purpose of these laws is to ensure that a divorce proceeds smoothly and the couples involved are not cheated of their rights and get justice according to a standard method or practice accepted to all. As divorce is already a painful process that causes its subjects to undergo a painful experience, these laws are there to ensure minimal […]

comping with emotion of divorce

How To Cope With Emotions During Divorce

Divorce is a very emotional period and one needs all the strength and mental power one has to cope up during this period. Ending a marriage is not only a legal technicality that says you are free, it also comes with some emotional baggage that you will have to work through and cope in order to stay normal. Many people who are not strong enough or have their loved ones with them to cope with […]

coping with divorce together

Separation – Divorce Tips For Both Spouses

Ending your marriage is not easy and not a simple step. It involves a long thought as well as legal process where you need to think if divorce is the only solution to your problems and if you are ready to take this big step. Divorce tips will help you understand if divorce is the only answer to problems that you are facing and an end to the relationship is what you are looking for. […]