Divorce in 1860s Chicago

by Marie on April 1, 2014

Don't let their stiffness fool you. They weren't that different from us.

In 1860, the town of Naperville received “world-side notoriety” when it hosted the Burch divorce case. At the time, the case “had just about as much notoriety as the O.J. Simpson case does today.” The case was to have been heard in Cook County, but it was moved to Naperville so the parties could get a fair hearing.

Ms. Burch, the well connected daughter of a railroad magnate, was divorcing her husband. Mr. Burch alleged that Ms. Burch had committed adultery. Ms. Burch alleged that Mr. Burch was cruel and that he only married her for her money. [click to continue…]

The beauty of old-fashioned euphemisms

by Marie on March 1, 2014

Whether in writing or coffee, sometimes old-fashioned is better.

Sometimes I wish I lived in the old days where issues were described so delicately. For example, in the mid 19th century, divorced people were referred to as “victims” of divorce.

According to the book Euphemania by Ralph Keyes, in the 17th century people could be sentenced to the stocks for “unseemly behavior ” an offense which might range from dirty talk with an unmarried member of the opposite sex to kissing your “wife on the doorstep after returning from three years at sea.” [click to continue…]

Using Tint to find missing children.

by Marie on February 18, 2014

I just discovered this social media aggregator called Tint. It basically gathers feeds and posts them together in a pretty way. So for example, it can mix-up all the feeds from your twitter, Facebook, and linked-in accounts into one single feed. You can then post this feed online to make it easier on your friends to keep up with your latest developments. [click to continue…]

Post-divorce wedding etiquette.

by Marie on February 1, 2014

Polite grizzly bear.

I always advice clients to be on their best behavior even after the divorce. My theory is that your focus should be on improving yourself and this can only be accomplished through good behavior.

Miss Manner’s had more practical advice for a woman who sought advice on how to behave at her daughter’s wedding:

If you are rude to your ex-husband’s new wife at your daughter’s wedding, you will make her feel smug. Comfortable. If you are charming and polite, you will make her feel uncomfortable. Which do you want to do?

Chicago executive escapes divorce.

by Marie on January 1, 2014

Frog escaping blue mug

Some people choose to escape their divorce.

Former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor, who once bragged that his “record is impeccable and [he] has a good reputation”, has fled to Europe rather than deal with his divorce in Chicago.

One of the issues that arose during the divorce proceeding was Mr. Arbor’s failure to pay U.S. taxes on his off-shore accounts. [click to continue…]