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Couple separates after 115 years

Bibi and Poldi, two giant tortoises who have been together since their birth in 1897, called it quits on their relationship this year. The relationship had survived 115 years, a move from Switzerland to Austria, and 300 children (ages 16-85).

Discovery News reports:

… zoo staff are trying everything to save the marriage. They have given the pair “counseling,” “romantic good food,” and have tried to get the tortoises interested in “joint games,” but all to no avail so far.

News reports have failed to mention whether Bibi and Poldi’s long-term relationship was the result of necessity rather than choice. It is possible that they were merely mates because there were no other options.

tortoise expert has noted:

Tortoises don’t usually mate for life. To be honest, normally, if it moves, a tortoise will have it. They’re not fussy.

(For more information on tortoises’ mating preferences please see this YouTube video.)

Maybe after 100+ years Bibi and Poldi wanted to try something new.

The Huffington post has posted readers’ reactions to the demise of this long-term relationship.