If you’ve been bad: Apologize!

by Marie on June 5, 2008

Baby making a judgmental face.

Many people believe that you should never apologize if there is any chance of a legal action against you. The belief is that apologizing might be an admission of guilt and this could work against you in a trial. Maybe there is some truth to this as far as a trial is concerned. However, many times an apology will prevent any kind of legal action against you. 

For example, Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer recently wrote that the University of Illinois hospitals have decided to own up to their mistakes:

Rather than run from the truth doctors involved in medical malpractice are being honest with the victim and apologizing.

This new attitude by the hospital has helped them save a lot on malpractice lawsuits since the patients are less likely to litigate if they receive an apology.

How can this knowledge be applied to divorce? 

The angriest people in a divorce are usually ones who have been wronged. Angry people are very difficult to reason with. They can drag out an otherwise simple divorce into a years long ordeal.

One of the easiest ways to make an angry person feel better is to acknowledge their hurt and apologize. Thus, if you did something to make your future ex angry, a heartfelt apology could help spare you years in the court system and thousands in legal fees.

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