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Here are some of the recent family-law or legal articles that I authored or which quoted me:

Illinois State Bar Journal: Substituting a Judge as of Right. (August 2010). In this article I review when (and how) you can use your right to substitute the judge in your case.

Chicago Tribune: Finding Your Missing Piece. (March 28, 2010). The author analyzes what makes for long lasting relationships. After discussing successful relationships, she writes:

Hooray for the triumph of love, but, but, but … how can you be sure that it’ll work forever?
Unfortunately, you can’t, said divorce attorney Marie Fahnert. She said she has divorced plenty of once-great couples who grew apart, lost communication or lost trust.
But the good news: The qualities that “make for a good marriage are actually the same things that make for a good divorce,” she said.
The other day, I read a momentarily comforting motto on the back of a beer can: “Clarity is overrated,” it said.

Me: InFocus Magazine: Get Married Stay Married. (June 2010)(page 47) On its wedding issue, the magazine asks experts what makes marriage work. My advice: Maintain trust.