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The best divorce lawyer in Chicago?


I’ve noticed people are accessing my website by typing “Best Divorce Lawyers in Chicago.” I think I’m good. “Best,” however, is a relative term.

The right lawyer for you depends on a variety of factors. For example, a freshly graduated attorney might be an excellent fit for you if you are a 21 year old divorcing after 3 months of marriage. This same lawyer, however, might not be the best fit for a 60 year old billionaire.

Basically, every divorce lawyer has that special niche of people which they serve best. You should take care to hire a divorce lawyer whose practice is centered around people like you and – even more importantly – a lawyer who you can trust and who understands you. Thus, there is no generic “best” divorce lawyer. It’s all about finding the right fit.

What follows are the steps you should take (in order of importance) to find the best divorce lawyer for you:

  1. Find out from your divorced friends whether they would recommend their lawyer (or their ex’s lawyer!),
  2. If you know a good lawyer who helped you in another matter, ask them for a referral,
  3. Look for reviews on such sites as Yelp or Avvo,
  4. Look for divorce lawyer blogs. Since blogs are updated regularly, they should give you an idea of the personality of the lawyer and whether (s)he will be a good match,
  5. Call up the Illinois State Bar Association or Chicago Bar Association for referrals, and
  6. Look at lawyer websites (lawyer websites tend to be generic. However, a website with blank pages, typos or broken links should give you an idea of the lawyer’s attention to detail).

For more information on finding a lawyer who is right for you please see my article The right divorce lawyer in Chicago.