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Using Tint to find missing children

I just discovered this social media aggregator called Tint. It basically gathers feeds and posts them together in a pretty way. So for example, it can mix-up all the feeds from your twitter, Facebook, and linked-in accounts into one single feed. You can then post this feed online to make it easier on your friends to keep up with your latest developments. [click to continue…]

Post-divorce wedding etiquette

Polite grizzly bear.

I always advise clients to be on their best behavior even after the divorce. My theory is that your focus should be on improving yourself and this can only be accomplished through good behavior.

Miss Manner’s had more practical advice for a woman who sought advice on how to behave at her daughter’s wedding:

If you are rude to your ex-husband’s new wife at your daughter’s wedding, you will make her feel smug. Comfortable. If you are charming and polite, you will make her feel uncomfortable. Which do you want to do?

Chicago executive escapes divorce


Some people choose to escape their divorces.

Former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor, who once bragged that his “record is impeccable and [he] has a good reputation”, has fled to Europe rather than deal with his divorce in Chicago.

One of the issues that arose during the divorce proceeding was Mr. Arbor’s failure to pay U.S. taxes on his off-shore accounts. [click to continue…]

Robert Frost on financial discovery


Baby contemplating funds.

In the “discovery” phase of a divorce, lawyers often depose their client’s spouses. Lawyers ask in great detail how the spouse spent their money over the past few years. Most people don’t know what they did with their money last week, let alone last year.

So, I had to laugh when I read this poem by Robert Frost from “The Hardship of Accounting” (1936):

Never ask of money spent
Where the spender thinks it went.
Nobody was ever meant
To remember or invent
What he did with every cent.

Gay marriage: Could this happen to us?

(This was my first post for this blog in February 2008. I am dusting it off in honor of the passage of the marriage equality legislation in Illinois.)

The Daily Show has a hilarious take on what same-sex marriage has done for Massachusetts. One year after same-sex marriage was legalized, Massachusetts ranks:

  • 50th in illiteracy
  • 48th in per capita poverty
  • 49th in number of divorces.

For information about what a marriage really is, please see my post What is a marriage?

My client’s testimony made the news!

girl using can-phone

Girl using communication device.

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, the Wall Street Journal and the American Bar Association Journal reported on my divorcing client's Skype testimony.

Last week, at Chicago's Daley Center, a judge ruled in my client's favor by granting an extension to a previous order of protection. The only witness at the hearing was my 72 year-old bed-bound client. He testified from his home through Skype using his laptop.

In the courtroom, the clerk swore in my client through my iPad and we saw him testify through the iPad.

As far as I know, this is the first time in Illinois that a litigant has testified through Skype.

[click to continue…]

Couple separates after 115 years


Bibi and Poldi, two giant tortoises who have been together since their birth in 1897, called it quits on their relationship this year. The relationship had survived 115 years, a move from Switzerland to Austria, and 300 children (ages 16-85).

Discovery News reports:

… zoo staff are trying everything to save the marriage. They have given the pair “counseling,” “romantic good food,” and have tried to get the tortoises interested in “joint games,” but all to no avail so far. [click to continue…]