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Think you’ll never re-marry?

bunch of roses

I just came across this Boston Globe article by a man who has seen too many divorces in his life:

When I was born, my dad’s mom was already remarried to a divorced man, who became my grandpa. And my dad’s dad married a new woman – already divorced twice from the same man – who became my grandma; that pair are now divorced from each other. My mom’s parents also re-coupled with other divorced people…

Despite having seen first-hand his relatives’ inability to maintain longstanding marriages, he still believes in love and plans on staying forever with his wife:

I want to shout from the rooftops: “It won’t happen to me! I’ve learned from their mistakes! I’m different!” And I think I am. I certainly hope so. We don’t need any more forks in our family tree.

This guy hasn’t given up on love. Neither should you.

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