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My Partner Cheated Me – What Do I Do Now?

This is a very common problem that I come across at least once a week being a divorce attorney as most of the divorce cases begin from cheating partners and unfaithful spouses. However, now that it’s been done and your partner has cheated, the next next step is what do I do now? There will be hundreds of questions in your mind troubling you as no matter how liberal you might be, to You will […]

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My Partner Cheated Me – Why?

This is one of the most common and frequent questions that has made me write this post. Whether its men or women, this is one of the most repeated questions as I have seen on yahoo answers and other social networking sites and the spouses asking that what should they do now that their partner has stabbed them in the back and if they should go for a divorce or a breakup? You can call […]